Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Easily

I come upon a squirrel carcass

twisted in damp grass

beneath a sheltering oak, almost

no longer an animal, becoming

something else entirely:

birchbark, driftwood, honeycomb.

Its gnarled feet point up

the roots beneath point down.

My legs shine like ignorant beacons

pointed straight toward nightfall

so caught up in movement I forget

I could so easily not be here at all.

Left Hand Says

I am destitute
coal mine.
Down in the earth
the rocks run black
with despair.

Right side is busy, cheerful
distracted, fast.

Left side is slow blond girl
locked in a room
alone with no allies.
Left side is mutiny.
Left side is left behind.

Left side is where
he left me at 5 and 25.
Different men, same
[ ____________ ]

Left side is the deep gray pull
of the ocean.

Left side is where you left me left me left me…

Crawl away
small child.

After the burning feast
of anger has been consumed
the sadness devours me.
No one to knock
on the locked door
for 20 years.

Now that I know you
what do I

Hold the blond child close
kiss her soft hair
lay my cheek
against her pounding head.

Hold her, hold her
until a soft flower begins
to bloom, a sad
open-hearted flower.

So full of love
it is the deepest strength
shining blue-red.
It pours out of us, around
between us.

That love
and is